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Disclaimer: Our 850+ Transition Pack is compatible only with
ADOBE PREMIERE PRO CC 2018 Ver 12.1.2 – 2019

How do I purchase your product?

Watch tutorial here:  https://youtu.be/KCrCvb7azUQ

How do I install the product?

Installation video tutorials are included with each downloaded zip file.

What are the system recommendations?

Recommended for Windows:

Intel 6th Gen or newer CPU (i7)

- 32 GB RAM

- Graphic Card with 4-8 GB of GPU VRAM

- NVIDIA requirement is CUDA version 9.2 or later with latest drivers

- AMD with latest OpenCL drivers

Recommended for Mac:

- Intel (multicore) processor with 64-bit support

- 16GB RAM

- Graphic Card with 4-8 GB of GPU VRAM

Do the Transition Pack only work on Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 and above?

Yes, it's been developed for Adobe Premiere Pro CC version 12.1.2 and above

When dragging a transition onto the timeline I see the sample footage and not mine, how do I get it to work properly?

Make sure Video Layer 1 is disabled and that the "Insert or overwrite sequence as nest or individual clip" is also greyed out.  See below:


How do I change the resolution size?

PDF instructions are included with your download to help you create custom resolution sizes.  Please check your downloaded zip file to view.

Do I need to adjust the FPS on the transition adjustment layer?

No, our transition effect will use the sequence fps its being applied to.

I get the following error message "The project appears to be damaged, it cannot be opened."

Make sure you are using Adobe Premiere Pro 2018 CC 12.1.2 and above.  The transitions will not work with previous versions.

I just made the purchase, how do I download the files?

You can typically download the digital files from the confirmation page once the payment is confirmed.  There are times when your credit card company delays confirmation, although rare.  In that case, it may take up to 24 hours.

We also email you the receipt of your purchase.  The email will contain all purchased download links.  Please check your "Junk/Spam" email folder.

If for any reason you have not received an email with your download link within 24 hours, please email us at info@transitionnation.com


Due to the nature of our digital products ALL SALES FINAL.

We include video tutorials with our products and the video tutorials are also viewable on our product information PRIOR to purchasing.  Please make sure that you have the adequate CPU, Memory, and Graphics Card requirements which are found on our FAQ section.

We also clearly state that the Transition Pack works only on Adobe Premiere Pro 12.1.2 and above.


For any other concerns not on this list please email us at info@transitionnation.com